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Blackfeet College

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Blackfeet Community College

School details:
Full-time enrollment: 472
Part-time enrollment: 63
Location: Browning, Montana


  • Blackeet’s Facilities Committee and School Improvement Committee advise on and implement sustainability policies and programs.
  • The Facilities Committee’s long-range plans include reducing the campus carbon footprint, constructing energy-efficient buildings, and engaging the college community with sustainability issues.

Green Building

  • The college’s first green building is currently under construction, with the goal of LEED-Gold certification.Â
  • Energy-reduction technologies that have been installed include LED and other efficient lighting, electric metering, and timers for temperature control.
  • To reduce water use, water metering and low-flow faucets are used.

Climate Change & Energy

  • System tune-ups are performed regularly.
  • The college generates electricity from solar panels and wind turbines on campus.

Student Involvement

  • Students can participate in sustainability volunteer projects.
  • The college curriculum promotes awareness of the traditional sustainable lifestyles of the Blackfeet people.
  • FORCE, a student group, focuses on recycling efforts on campus.
  • Blackfeet offers an environmental studies academic major, which seven students have declared.
  • The installation of photovoltaic lighting on campus walkways was accompanied by programs to raise awareness about renewable energy and sustainability.


  • Students are encouraged to use the Blackfeet Tribal Transit public transportation system.
  • In the past, the college has offered rides to outlying communities up to 40 miles away.
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