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Cedar Valley College

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Cedar Valley  

Cedar Valley College

School details:
Full-time enrollment: 5,886
Part-time enrollment: 4,271
Location: Lancaster, Texas


  • Cedar Valley College has signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment and has written a sustainability plan.
  • The Sustainable Communities Institute has been recognized by former president Clinton’s Global Climate Initiative for innovation in education. A Sustainable Project Coordinator is employed by this institute.
  • The SCI’s Steering Committee identifies, prioritizes, and implements sustainable initiatives on campus.
  • The college recommends that appliances purchased are Energy Star certified and cleaning products are environmentally friendly.
  • Green living among employees is encouraged through sustainable development workshops.

Green Building

  • Cedar Valley is working on a green building policy.
  • The college’s science buildings are pending LEED-Gold certification.
  • Energy-efficiency technologies include LED and other efficient lighting throughout campus, lighting sensors, economizers, and variable frequency drives.
  • To conserve water, the campus has installed dual-flush toilets and low-flow faucets.
  • On its grounds, the school uses rain and freeze sensors for irrigation and native plants that require less water.

Climate Change & Energy

  • The college had conducted two greenhouse gas emissions inventories to identify the sources of its carbon emissions.
  • An energy management system allows the school to perform preventative maintenance on its HVAC equipment.
  • The school runs campaigns to encourage members of the campus community to reduce their energy use.
  • There has been a proposal to consolidate weekend classes into two buildings, instead of eight, to save energy.


  • Cedar Valley recycles all traditional materials: aluminum, cardboard, glass, paper, and all plastics.
  • The college also recycles students’ used cell phones and printer cartridges.
  • A new conservation program encourages duplex printing and waste minimization.
  • Tree and landscaping cuttings are mulched for use on campus grounds.
  • An office supply pool allows employees to swap unused items.

Student Involvement

  • Students are engaged with environmental issues through participation in sustainable events and recycling competitions.
  • To raise community awareness, Cedar Valley hosts a Soup, Salad, and Sustainability series that covers a wide range of topics including green living and rainwater harvesting.
  • Phi Theta Kappa hosts a series of guest speakers who come to campus to discuss sustainability.
  • The school offers training courses in weatherization, retrofitting, commercial energy auditing, green business management, LEED green associate training, and ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint, in order to prepare students for green careers.
  • An environmental science course is also offered as part of the college’s curriculum.
  • A student group works in an on-campus garden with native plant species.
  • Cedar Valley’s Green Team, composed of faculty, staff and students, works on making the campus more sustainable. The team has initiated the recycling of plastic, paper, glass, and cell phones.


  • The school runs a program to facilitate carpool matching.
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