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Ecumenical Theological

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Ecumenical Theological Seminary

School details:
Full-time enrollment: 80
Part-time enrollment: 47
Location: Detroit, Michigan

Green Building

  • ETS is in planning to build a 42,000 square foot Administrative/Education wing that will include sustainable features, including geothermal heating
  • To save water, leaks are repaired as soon as they are detected.

Climate Change & Energy

  • To reduce energy use, CFLs have been installed in some buildings, and campus restrooms have been outfitted with motion sensors.
  • Systems are regularly tuned up for efficiency; most recently, boiler systems were overhauled in 2010.
  • All thermostats are programmed for reduced use during times of low occupancy.
  • The school is planning to measure its greenhouse gas emissions and complete an energy audit.


  • ETS offers recycling for all plastics and paper.


  • The ETS dining halls offer local foods.

Student Involvement

  • The Ecology Committee engages students to work with faculty on greening campus outdoor spaces.
  • Students can also work with the Student Life organization to raise awareness of sustainability issues on campus.
  • A course is offered on Ecological Ministry of the Church, and other courses address the relationship of theology and ecology.


  • ETS offers buses for class trips, to reduce the need for single-occupancy vehicles.
  • The school is expanding its distance learning program, and has begun offering courses located closer to the homes of the students who commute the farthest.
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