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Fisk University

School details:
Full-time enrollment: 584
Location: Nashville, Tennessee


  • Fisk has signed the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency team advises on sustainability policies and programs.

Green Building

  • To save energy, the university has installed LED and other energy-efficient lighting as well as energy management systems.


  • The campus recycles traditional materials like aluminum, cardboard, paper, and some plastics.
  • Batteries and computers generated by the school and by students are also recycled, as well as the school’s used light bulbs, printer cartridges, copiers, and other lab equipment.


  • Trays have been removed from dining halls to save water and energy and decrease food waste.
  • Used cooking oil is recycled.

Student Involvement

  • The student government association runs recycling competitions in residence halls.
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