Monday, January 16, 2017

Stillman College

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Stillman College

School details:
Full-time enrollment: 1,026
Part-time enrollment: 52
Location: West Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Green Building

  • To reduce energy use, the college has installed energy-efficient light bulbs and has set building temperatures back.
  • To save water, low-flow faucets and low-flow showerheads have been installed in campus buildings. Two tankless water heaters were installed, in the cafeteria and in one residence hall, to supply hot water on demand.
  • Stillman is exploring the idea of a cogeneration plant to produce heat and electricity simultaneously.
  • The school is also considering improving its gas and electricity metering system.

Climate Change & Energy

  • Stillman purchases energy-efficient appliances and raises awareness among employees about the importance of shutting off lights and equipment when not in use.
  • Power-saving settings have been enabled on school computers.
  • The college is exploring the option of installing solar water heating systems.


  • Stillman recycles e-waste including batteries, cell phones, computers, light bulbs, and printer cartridges.


  • Used fryer oil is recycled for biodiesel fuel.


  • Stillman offers subsidized transportation to local destinations.
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