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Tougaloo College

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Tougaloo College

School details:
Full-time enrollment: 905
Part-time enrollment: 44
Location: Jackson, Mississippi


  • Tougaloo’s Sustainability Task Force will work to decrease the school’s carbon footprint, identify green policies, increase campus recycling, save water and energy, and encourage green construction and maintenance.
  • The vice president for facilities works on making the campus more environmentally friendly.
  • The college’s strategic plan includes sustainability as a guiding principle.

Green Building

  • Tougaloo will reuse the wood floors, beams, and other building materials from a recently demolished building for other projects on campus.
  • The school is using recycled materials in a current renovation project.
  • Two future buildings, the Bennie G. Thompson Academic Center and Tougaloo Commons, will feature energy-efficient lighting and temperature controls as well as landscaping that will incorporate native plants.
  • Efficiency technologies in existing buildings include energy management systems, LED lighting, variable speed drives, and chillers.
  • To save water, buildings feature dual-flush toilets and efficient washing machines.


  • Tougaloo recycles cardboard and some plastics as well as used computers.
  • The campus aims to reduce its paper usage through centralized printing.


  • Dining services purchases local foods.
  • Food is grown in an on-campus garden.
  • Excess food is used as feed at a local pig farm.

Student Involvement

  • The Facilities & Real Property Convocation educates students about environmental issues.
  • Students work with professors on environmental research projects.
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