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Univ of New Mexico

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UNM Taos  

University of New Mexico – Taos

School details:
Full-time enrollment: 1,306
Location: Taos, New Mexico


  • The university is working on creating a formal sustainability plan.
  • The school signed the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment in June 2007.
  • A sustainability committee addresses environmental, economic, and social responsibility issues.
  • The university has adopted an Energy Star purchasing policy.

Green Building

  • All new construction and major renovations will meet or exceed LEED Silver standards and will be energy-efficient.
  • The Library and Learning Center, currently in the planning phase, will meet LEED standards.
  • Energy-efficient lights have been installed in parking lots. Motion sensors shut off these lights automatically.
  • Solar tube windows are used for passive daytime lighting.
  • Variable speed drives and energy management systems have been installed in campus buildings to reduce energy use and increase efficiency.
  • Low-flow faucets have been installed in bathrooms, and buildings are metered individually for water.
  • Weather-informed irrigation is used on the campus grounds.
  • The university is planning to install a rainwater catchment system.

Climate Change & Energy

  • The campus generates solar energy on campus for hot water and electricity.
  • The university has also purchased wind power.
  • UNMT is conducting a greenhouse gas emissions inventory.
  • Campus computers have been set to save energy when not in use.
  • The school newsletter contains tips to conserve electricity.


  • The university recycles traditional materials including aluminum, glass, paper, and some plastics.
  • Used printer cartridges are also recycled.

Student Involvement

  • The Green Technology Center teaches students about sustainability.
  • Students can get involved with environmental issues by joining the Ecology Club.
  • The university’s core curriculum includes a class on environmental science.


  • The university provides free transportation to campus from a bus stop Park and Ride location, and it offers incentives to students and employees who ride the bus to campus.
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