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Voorhees College

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Voorhees College

School details:
Full-time enrollment: 730
Part-time enrollment: 30
Location: Denmark, South Carolina


  • Voorhees has written a formal sustainability policy.
  • The President’s Executive Cabinet and College Planning Council implements sustainability programs on campus.
  • The Vice President of Institutional Advancement acts as the college’s sustainability coordinator.
  • Voorhees is working on a formal green purchasing policy.

Green Building

  • The college is working on a formal green building policy.
  • All buildings will be retrofitted with upgraded lighting and HVAC systems, water conservation strategies, and insulation.
  • To reduce energy use, some campus buildings have energy-efficient lights and double-paned windows.
  • Some buildings have low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets to save water.

Climate Change & Energy

  • The college was awarded a grant to assess building energy use and develop reduction strategies.
  • Voorhees is exploring the option of using solar hot water systems.


  • Many traditional materials are recycled, including aluminum, cardboard, paper, and all plastics.
  • The school also recycles used batteries, computers, light bulbs, and aerosol cans.


  • Local foods are offered in the dining halls.

Student Involvement

  • The college was awarded a grant to create an environmental science academic major.
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